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What we do

We help grow developer teams and their knowledge by providing custom trainings on all front-end and JavaScript technologies. We help them deliver performant applications with the newest and up to date curricula.

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We help companies develop the tech skills of their new interns with a 1-2 weeks programming bootcamp. The bootcamp is custom made on each company's tech stack, assuring that developers are ready to work and deploy applications.

Internship Bootcamp



Custom curricula

From 2 to 4 days of training, our curricula is custom made on each company's technical needs.

Flexible trainings

Either half or a full day, on the same or different weeks, our trainings are flexible on your developers schedule.

Happy devs

Education and investment in keepeking knowledge up-to-date makes developers happy and productive.

Performant apps

Mastering new technolgies means better coding and better, more performant applications.


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