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Ep. #18 - Florin Pop

14.08.2020 • 1h 05 min

In this episode we have Florin Pop, Front-End Developer, JS enthusiast, blogger and Youtuber , talking about his experience as a technical content creator with more than 100k followers on social media platforms and how hard it is to build a social community.

Ep. #17 - Natalia Venditto

29.04.2020 • 40:09 min

In this episode we have Natalia Venditto, an awesome front-end developer Principal Lead Developer @Netcentric & Google Developer Expert, talking about her experience as an international conference speaker, techical community contribuitor and Women Techmakers Barcelona community organizer.

Ep. #16 - Alexandru Badiu

03.03.2020 • 1h 25 min

In this episode we have Alex Badiu, Software Engineer @BEN, talking about his experience with making games and music, ezoteric tech stack, the past and future of Drupal and pigs 🐷

Ep. #15 - Claudia Ifrim

31.01.2020 • 31:26 min

In this episode we have Claudia Ifrim, Software developer and PhD @Politehnica University, talking about her experience as a full-stack developer and working with technologies such as GIS.

Ep. #14 - Bogdan Raduta

13.12.2019 • 57 min

In this episode we have Bogdan Raduta, Applications Cluster Manager at RINF TECH, and Angular Bucharest co-founder talking about all his awesome projects he worked on and his experience as both a software enginees and manager.

Ep. #13 - Alex Moldovan

27.09.2019 • 1h 20 min

In this episode we have Alex Moldovan, software developer and JSHeroes organizer, talking about JS conferences, mental health and why we should be talking more about optimization, performance and accessibility in web.

Ep. #12 - Sabin Marcu

09.08.2019 • 53 min

In this episode we have Sabin Marcu, React developer, startup founder and JSLeague trainer talking about how is it to study CS in UK, building a startup and edgy technologies.

Ep. #11 - Ives van Hoorne

26.07.2019 • 53 min

In this episode we have Ives van Hoorne, ambitious developer and founder or, talking about both the dev and entrepreneurial journey.

Ep. #10 - Florin Oancea

12.07.2019 • 1h 05 min

In this episode we have Florin Oancea, front-end developer, community member, our biggest fan and a JS enthusiast talking about how hard it is to learn JavaScript.

Ep. #9 - Alexandra Anghel

28.06.2019 • 33:39 min

In this episode we have Alexandra Anghel, co-founder and CTO Morphl, entrepreneur and Program Director of StepFWD, the first Romanian pre-accelerator program for teams that have at least a female co-founder.

Ep. #8 - Andrei Antal

19.06.2019 • 1h 23 min

In this episode we have Andrei Antal, founder and organizer of ngBucharest Meetup, front-end developer and one of the JSLeague trainers. This episode is all about the past, present and future of Angular.

Ep. #7 - Silvia Stegaru

31.05.2019 • 40:12 min

In this episode we have Silvia Stegaru, the first girl guest of our podcast. She is the co-founder of Codette, Forbes 30 Under 30 and she has recognition from the US State Department for her work with Codette and in Computer Science.

Ep. #6 - Vitaly Friedman

17.05.2019 • 42:54 min

In this episode we have a surprise guest, Vitaly Friedman, front-end developer, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine !

Ep. #5 - Adrian Oprea

03.05.2019 • 1h 17 min

In this episode we have our guest, Adrian Oprea, front-end developer and The Web App Sommelier, talking about his new cool project, a jobs website for working remote.

Ep. #4 - Mihai Craciun

19.04.2019 • 1h 06 min

In this episode we have our guest, Mihai Craciun 🎅, technology entrepreneur and front-end developer talking about the digital agency life, the Wordpress environment and how is it to do services vs. building a product.

Ep. #3 - Eduard Budacu

05.04.2019 • 51:17 min

In this episode we are going to talk about Agile methodologies and dev teams with Eduard Budacu, co-founder and trainer @ Dovelopers. Eduard will tell us about both the tech and University ecosystem in Romania and the Agile survey they did recently.

Ep. #2 - Florin Otto

22.03.2019 • 46:48 min

In this episode we are going to talk about building products with blockchain with our guest Florin Otto, VP of Product @ Modex. Otto will tell us about their dev platform, IDE, marketplace and all other cool stuff they are building.

Ep. #1 - Ciprian Borodescu

8.03.2019 • 43:14 min

In this episode we are going to talk about BucharestJS community and How to build dev teamswith our guest Ciprian Borodescu, CEO of Morphl. Cip will tell us what makes a great startup team of ML engineers.

Ep. #0 - Intro with Mihail & Diana

27.02.2019 • 11:10 min

The very first Episode 🎉 Our hosts are going to present JSLeague plans for 2019, a short intro to our podcast, topics, events and more surprises.

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