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JSLeague is the first Romanian enterprise to cover trainings on all JavaScript tech stack and beyond. We grow companies' dev teams knowledge by developing custom curricula and exercises. We believe in excellence and passion in building careers as developers.

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Our Beliefs

We believe in giving back to the community. Our efforts are invested in non-profit workshops for young professionals, University students and kids. Our team of JS experts provide technical education to all levels.

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JSLeague Experts

Diana Miron

CEO & Co-founder

Andrei Antal

Trainers Manager & Co-founder

Alexandru Albu

Angular Trainer

Bogdan Luca

Vue.js & Kubernetes Trainer

Sabin Marcu

React & Docker Trainer

Claudia Ifrim

Docker Trainer

Eduard Budacu

Agile & Scrum Expert

Mihail Serafim

JSLeague Show Co-host

Daniel Baragan

Full-Stack Developer

Ana Petrescu

Angular Trainer

Cosmin Dimisca

Node.js Trainer

Alin Salaru

React Trainer

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Our work

Enterprise Trainings

We develop custom educational programs and trainings on every JS tech stack and beyond for your company's dev team needs! Curious what we can do ?

Enterprise Trainings

Community Workshops

We organize monthly community non-profit JS workshops so be prepared on Saturdays to have fun coding in JS and any new cool technology!

Community Workshops
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