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JSLeague is an intensive program with workshops & coding on real projects, designed for high-performing individuals who want to level up and lead. We believe in excellence and passion in building careers as developers.


Next Workshops

Intro to Vue.js Workshop

26 - 27 th January 2019 • Dovelopers Office

Take a 2 days deep dive into an Intro to Vue.js, The Progressive JavaScript Framework. Single file components, the Vue instance, interpolations, rendering, and bindings, we have it all!


Advanced Angular 7 Workshop

9 - 10 th February 2019 • Dovelopers Office

Take a 2 days deep dive into Advanced Angular, the most used JavaScript front-end framework. Observables, advanced components, modules and providers, change detection and performance, we have it all!


Intro to ReactJS Workshop

16 - 17 th March 2019 • Location coming soon

Take a 2 days deep dive into an Intro to ReactJS, the declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Packages, dependencies and plugins, components, JSX, forms, events, routes, we have it all!


Tech Stack

Our Custom Workshops

jsleague vanilla js

JavaScript Fundamentals

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jsleague es6

ES6 & Typescript

View course
jsleague angularjs intro

Intro to Angular 7

View course
jsleague angularjs advanced

Advanced Angular 7

View course
jsleague reactjs intro

Intro to ReactJS

View course
jsleague reactjs redux advanced

Advanced ReactJS & Redux

View course
jsleague react native applications

Mobile Apps with React Native

View course
jsleague nodejs fundamentals

Node.js Fundamentals

View course
jsleague vuejs intro

Intro to Vue.js

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jsleague vuejs advanced

Advanced Vue.js

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jsleague agile scrum

Scrum: The good, the bad, the ugly

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jsleague css grid flexbox layouting

UI Layouting with Flexbox & CSS Grid

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Other Services

Custom solutions for your company's needs

jsleague trainings


JSLeague offers lightning trainigs from 2 to 8h on various JavaScript technologies to fast start your team's technical skills and bootstrap any project.

jsleague workshops


We offer full curricula workshops from 2 to 7 days on basic, medium and advanced level depending on your company's and team's technical needs.

jsleague consultancy

Tech Consultancy

Our team has expertise on both technical and business fields, project management and software development at any point of a project. We offer tech consultancy from software architecture, web and mobile applications development, agile and scrum methodologies.

jsleague profiling

Team Profiling

Throughout our trainings and workshops we offer a customized report on each coursant streghts, evolution, and improvements on both techical and soft skills thus making every individual being a great developer.

Our Communities

Founding and Supporting Dev Communities

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